Rima Grad

I view the world as a strange, complicated and hysterical place. Humor and sadness seem to coexist. Although I sense this now more than ever, I have come to believe that it has always been the case. More often than not there is a story to tell. I attempt to represent this vision in my body of work, which includes mixed media works on paper and monoprint.

I work with family photos, my own photography, hand-made papers, and miscellaneous paper ephemera. The surfaces are enhanced by varying amounts of drawing with graphite, colored pencil, crayon, and oil stick. There is more and more drawing in the work that is representational and independent of the collaged elements. Sometimes the mark making and tone are quite obviously drawn. At other times I am altering the surface in such a way that I am creating an illusion.

The work is personal and sequential and as much as I strive for universality, there is an inevitable autobiographical aspect. It is ultimately up to the viewer to decide whose story is being told. Is this my memory, someone else’s memory or not a memory at all? Life is unfolding on the page. There is a chronicling of specific events and a conversation that I am having with myself, or anyone who will listen.